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About Us

At Washtenaw Wash laundromat we provide a wide variety of Speedqueen machines to help you do your laundry effectively and economically. In addition to our standard top load washers made to clean 10 to 12 pounds of dry laundry per wash, we provide a number of other attractive options.

For example, we offer front load washers in a number of sizes. Why? Because our front load washers are better than conventional top loaders! Front load machines have TWO wash cycles for a more thorough cleaning. Plus, these machines have THREE separate rinse cycles so there's no soapy residue left in clothes to irritate and dry sensitive skin. Front load machines are easier on your clothes and produce a cleaner wash because they tumble clothes rather than agitate. And larger machines save soap, water and time. Plus, they're attractively priced for you to save money. Our larger front load machines are also terrific for oversized items such as quilts, bedspreads, and comforters.

At Washtenaw Wash laundromat you'll find front load washers in double, four loads, five load and giant eight load machines! And in addition to our standard high-efficiency dryers, we have three and five load dryers too. At our Laundromat, you'll find detailed instructions on how to operate all our machines as well as a knowledgeable laundry attendant to answer your clothes cleaning questions.